Embroidery Studio Plus in Staten Island, New York, specializes in machine embroidery on linens and t-shirts. Find a variety of customized goods for your friends or yourself, including towel sets, bed sheets, napkins, placemats, table runners, pillow covers, baby clothes, T-shirts, face masks and accessories.  We have more than Six years of experience with custom embroidered linens. What was once a family affair turned into a professional business. Now, we provide our high-quality products nationwide.

 Choose from a variety of Monogram Styles and Designs to suit your taste and personalize your items.

 Send us a line if you want your logo or a specific design on an item at our contact page

 Embroidery Studio Plus looks forward to helping you with your custom creations.

 Custom bed sheets, towels, and other linens don’t just let you explore your own unique sense of style, but they are also usually of a much higher quality than the mass-produced products you will usually find in a store. Each and every piece we make and sell is created specifically for you, which means you are able to enjoy something made from the heart.

 Whether you want to add your initials, favorite sayings, or any other personalization to your bed linen, towels, scarves, napkins or any other of our item, our team can do it for you quickly and at a very competitive price. Reach out to us today to learn more about our monograms and customizations. 

 Contact us to place your order for any of our customized products. We ship from New York to customers from across the country.