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Embroidered Dog And Flowers Face Mask With Reversible Side

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Custom face mask embroidered. Double layer of fabric with pocket for filter, in case you wish to insert one for extra protection. Mask is reversible. It has two finished sides so you can wear it on either side. Embroidered side 100% cotton canvas. Reversible side 100% cotton shirting.

Fun designs for kids and teens.

Fitted to face design.The design is made to fit your face - wrapping nose and chin to ensure protection.
Pocket to insert a carbon filter
Stretchy 1/8" braided elastic ear loops
Plastic coated bendy strips across the top of the masks to allow the user to bend the metal to create a close fit over the nose

Stylish and reusable cotton face mask for protecting yourself from particles in the air.

Please wash the masks when you receiving them, with soap and water. This is to disinfect the mask and remove chemicals from fabrics.

Suggested care:
Hand wash and air dry.
You can iron the mask or steam it to disinfect it.

Handmade item

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