crib sheets embroidered with a bear design
baby crib sheet set embroidered with bear and scallop edge
baby crib sheet shet embroidered
baby crib flat sheet and pillow case embroidered with bear design
embroidered baby pillow case with bear design and scallop edge
baby crib sheet set with blue embroidery
baby crib sheets
baby girl crib sheets embroidered with bear design

Embroidered Baby Sheets with Bear Design

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100% certified organic cotton - 300 count. The ultimate luxury bedding fabric. Super smooth, silky-like drape, and a nice heavy feel.
Organic cotton is grown without the use of toxics and persistent pesticides and synthetic fertilizers. It is ideal fabric for babies.

Top flat sheet and pillow case is embroidered with polka dots and a bear. Edges are finished with a scallop embroidery. Fitted sheet is plain white organic cotton.

You can purchase the set (fitted sheet, flat sheets and pillow) or just the flat sheet.
I offer two colors to choose from ( baby blue and baby pink). If you would like a differnt color just send me a request.

Sheets come in two sizes:
Crib size - Fits mattress 27" x 52" x 6"
Bassinet size - Fits mattress 19" x 36" x5"

Crib size pillow case 20" x 10"
Bassinet size pillow case 15" x 8"

This set comes packed in a decorated box

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